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One of the most common questions we, as tour guides, are asked is “what should I buy as a souvenir in Prague?” There are no shortage of tacky souvenir shops that sell cheap, mass-produced goods. However, if you’re looking to do some shopping for friends, family, or yourself in Prague, why not take the opportunity to directly support Czech artisans, producers, and businesses? We’ve compiled the following list as a helpful gift guide for not only holiday shopping in Prague, but for any season. You can’t gift-wrap that feeling of walking down Prague’s cobblestone streets with pristine, centuries-old architecture, but you can bring home something made with love and care and know that your purchases benefit local Czech-owned businesses.


Bohemian Crystal and Ceramics

The tradition of Bohemian crystal dates back to the 19th century although it originated from the practice of etching small, intricate designs into gemstones during the 16th century in the mysterious and wonderful court of the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. Czech crystal companies Preciosa and Moser are arguably the most renowned crystal makers in the world – known for the quality and purity -, but for those who want a more affordable option for quality pieces you can visit the crystal shop Dana Bohemia and the shop aptly named Bohemian Crystal which you can find in the Kotva department store.
Address: Náměstí Republiky 656/8


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Although Prague is more famous for its Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical architecture, Cubism had a brief period of popularity in the Czech capital. Architect Josef Gočár designed the very first cubist building in Prague in 1912: the House of the Black Madonna. Although not many examples of cubism were built around Prague, cubist design had a large influence in the world of Czech painters. Although a bit on the pricier side, on the ground floor of the House of the Black Madonna there is a shop called Modernista which sells cubist ceramic tea cups, tea pots, vases, etc.
Address: Ovocný trh 19


Beauty and Cosmetics

Czech beauty company Manufaktura is a combination of “MANUalni” (manual work with hands) and “fakt” (honesty, integrity). Manufaktura cooperates with local growers and producers to incorporate Czech hops, wine, Karlovy Vary salts, and Czech native herbs and fruits into their cosmetics. They produce a unique line of beer cosmetics– don’t worry they don’t make your hair smell like a pub. The shampoo has a mild, fruity scent and leaves your hair soft and clean. They also carry handmade Czech crafts, tableware, and Christmas decorations. They have a few locations:
Na Příkopě 856/16 (near the Powder Tower)
Melantrichova 970/17 (near the Old Town Square)
Karlova 26/223 (near the Charles Bridge)



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Czech fashion and jewelry

Vasky carries a selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s leather boots and sneakers in addition to leather belts, wallets, and handbags. Manufactured in the former shoe factory of the world-famous Bata brand, Vasky uses real, high-quality leather and focuses on environmentally conscious, responsible production by using leather scraps for their smaller accessories and not overproducing.
Address: Na Příkopě 957/23

Who doesn’t love a pair of fun socks? Fusakle carries socks with a wide array of colorful and playful prints. They also have special Prague and Czech themed socks featuring iconic landmarks such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, The Atronomical Clock, and Prague’s famous No.22 tram and Zizkov TV tower. They even have a great selection of classics from retro Czech children’s cartoon characters. Or if you can’t decide, they also offer gift sets with Prague landmarks and icons.

(You can find Fusakle stalls inside of the Palladium shopping mall in Namesti Republiky)
Address: Namesti Republiky 1078/1


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One Day was started by two Czech designers who wanted a simple approach to fashion. While they’re known for their wrap dresses, they also carry beautiful jewelry with a modern touch.

Address: Františka Křížka 1133/8



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Czech Garnet is prized for its deep ruby red color and clarity, but be careful: real Czech garnet will always have a certificate and will usually be smaller than other stones claiming to be real Czech garnet because the garnet mines are very rare and it is even rarer to find larger garnets these days. The shop called Český Granát is the only certified jewelry store in Prague authorized to sell certified Czech garnet from Turnov where it is mined. There are 3 store locations to choose from:
Dlouha 1
Panská 1/892
​Celetná, 554/4

Czech Beer, Wine, Liquors, and Treats

They say “A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” If you want to be thorough in your judgment of the quality of Czech beers, why not take a bottle or two home? While you can find bottled mainstream beer in any supermarket or small alcohol shop, if you want to take home some bottled small-batch craft beer, stop by Roesel where they offer bottled .75 liter craft beers from celebrated Czech breweries such as Clock, Zichovec, Raven, and Chroust.
Address: Mostecká 45


Although the Czech Republic is most recognized for its quality beers, there is also something for wine aficionados. You’ll want to look for Czech wines from Moravia- a wine region primarily known for it’s white wines although there are red varieties as well. Wine Shop U Mouřenína not only serves as a place where you can taste Moravian white wines, but also purchase bottles to take home. The friendly, English-speaking staff at Wine Shop U Mouřenína are exceptional at explaining the differences between varieties and finding a wine that is right for you.
Address: Dlouhá 39

If you’re more of a spirits connoisseur cocktails, you can visit the Slivovitz Museum where you can arrange a tasting with their knowledgeable staff of Czech fruit distillates like Hruškovice (made from pears), Sliovice (made from plums), Meruňkovice (made from apricots), or Třešňovice (made from cherries). They also have engaging visual projections about how these distallates are made.

You can also stop by the specialty shop Bartida just steps away from the Astronomical Clock where you can find a selection of traditional Czech liquors and taste them as well.
Slivovitz Museum address: U Lužického semináře 116/48
Bartida address: Havelská 500 (it’s in the passageway)


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In most larger supermarkets around Prague you’ll also be able to find boxed Karlovy Vary wafers (or Kolonada wafers). These iconic large round sweet wafers were developed in the 19th century as the perfect light treat to snack on while strolling down the promenade in Karlovy Vary. Their sweetness was designed to balance the bitter mineral spring water for which the Czech spa town is so famous.

Toys and Gifts for Children

Children and adults alike walking to and from the Old Town Square often stop at the fantastical window display at Toys at the Golden Lion and once you walk by, it’s easy to see why. While they carry some mass-produced toys, their specialties are the puppets and figurines that line the windows of this quaint Czech toy store. They also offer hand-made wooden, laminated, mechanical and cloth toys, children’s puzzles, puzzles, chess, traditional Czech and Slovak costumed dolls, figurines of the beloved Czech silent cartoon character Krtek (Little Mole), and replicas of historical weapons. The shop is certainly a treat for the eyes as well as for the little ones in your life.
Address: Celetná 568/32

If you’re looking for high-quality wooden and retro toys, look no further than Hugo Chodi Bos. Founder and mom Adéla Husáková Kantůrková started Hugo Chodi Bos out of a desire to make it easier to find high-quality wooden toys handmade in the Czech Republic for her own daughter. Though they specialize in wooden and retro toys, they carry a wide assortment of baby toys, educational toys, paper dolls, even clothes for children up to 5-6 years old.
Address: Vodičkova 35


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Stationery, Postcards, Home Goods, and Other Souvenirs

Conveniently located on the beautiful Baroque Nerudova street right below Prague castle, Orel and Friends carries a wide variety of handmade Czech gifts including cookbooks with recipes for traditional Czech food, hand-knitted products, Christmas decorations, ceramic Easter eggs, and most notably the all-but-gone tradition of Modrotisk (literally “blue-print”) which dates back to the late 17th century when indigo dying reached the Bohemian lands and earned a prominent place in Bohemian and Moravian folkwear.
Address: Nerudova 207/6


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If you like fine stationery or postcards, Bohemia Paper on the Old Town Square offers beautifully designed cards including Christmas and New Year’s cards featuring Prague in a snowy landscape, greeting cards with Jewish motifs and cultural landmarks, Easter motifs, abstract cubist designs and other gorgeous designs.

(Located in the Kinsky Palac- the big pink Rococo building on the Old Town square) Address: Staroměstské nám. 606/12

For Art and Book Lovers

For the book lovers in your life, check out the Charles University Faculty Library located on the Old Town Square for a selection of English books on a variety of Czech historical figures and events. For art and photography books to spark a conversation, you can also visit the art book store Kavka.
Address: Celetná 18

If you like retro and vintage art and film posters be sure to stop by the shop next to Kino Svetozor. For fans of the Art Nouveau style of Alfons Mucha, there is also a Mucha gift shop which carries poster reproductions of his iconic work.
Address: Panská 7

For the budding artists in your life, Koh-i-noor is an art supply store that started in the 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and continues today. They’re famous for their high-quality graphite and colored pencils but today they carry all kinds of supplies.
Two locations:
Vodičkova 710/31
Nerudova 250/13

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